Census 1921


The 10-yearly UK Census records provide perhaps the single most valuable resource for family and local historians.  Transcriptions of the Tutbury Censuses from 1841 onwards form a key part of the Museum’s database of village residents.

The release by the National Archives in January 2022 of the 1921 Census was eagerly awaited by family history researchers. Across the early months of 2022, a team of twelve Museum Volunteers have transcribed the individual household returns for Tutbury and the surrounding villages of Hatton, Rolleston, Hanbury, Draycott, Scropton, Foston and Marston.

The initial transcription work, co-ordinated and collated by Museum Curator Robert Minchin, has now been completed for over 1,300 local families.  The results are available at the Museum and provide a wealth of individual personal details of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and others. 

And, for the villages as a whole, the transcriptions will provide a fascinating picture of the community emerging from World War 1 and the Spanish Flu Pandemic into the not necessarily Roaring Twenties.  The Museum now plans to take the 1921 Census Project to a second stage, by producing a socio-economic study of Tutbury and its neighbours at the time, exploring the housing, family structures, social patterns and employment of the Community

If you would like to take part in this on-going research, please contact Chris Tipper on 01455 823348 or christipper2@gmail.com.