Local History Articles

A series of short articles illustrating aspects of the village in the past 200 years and some of the resources of the Museum for family and local Historians.

Whilst Tutbury has a striking and historic Castle, the Castle is best placed to tell its own story. And whilst the village has a beautiful and widely-admired Norman Church, the Church is also best placed to tell its own story. The Museum therefore focuses its efforts on recording the wider social history of Tutbury, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries – the work, the leisure, the wars, the schooling, the housing and the family lives of its ordinary inhabitants. It does this by acting as a repository for their artefacts, photographs and documents.


  1. A Simple Query…
  2. Tutbury Plaster Mill Railway Model
  3. A Major Tutbury Tragedy – the Fauld Explosion
  4. Tutbury Boy Saves Manchester United
  5. Tutbury Men at Gommecourt Wood
  6. Child Labour at the Tutbury Glassworks in 1865
  7. A Minor Tutbury Tragedy
  8. A Tutbury Childhood
  9. A Tutbury Fairy Tale
  10. The Oddfellows in Tutbury


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